Recently, a ton of Halo 4 content was displaced throughout Internet. Hypertrooper at the NeoGAF forums compiled a large list of all the news in order to make it easier for the Halo 4 lover in all of us. Check out the links below!

Be warned though. Some links do contain spoilers of the campaign so read at your own discretion.

Here is a video from Machinima showing off Dominion Mode in Multiplayer.

This is a video from IGN, which shows off their campaign impressions.

A preview posted on Joystiq about the campaign and the approach to the new game.

A video interview with Frank O' Conner posted by Giantbomb.

A preview article written by Shack News showing off the campaign.

If this didn't satiate your appetite then head on down to the NeoGAF forums and show Hypertrooper some love for posting all the links.

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