Ken Levine Prefers to Show a Game Rather Than Talk about It.

According to sources from Joystiq, Bioshock Creator Ken Levine was at the Game Developers Conference and was asked about Bioshock on the Playstation Vita. He stated that it wouldn't be Bioshock Infinite being ported to the Vita and that he and his team was working on it.

He continued on that a lot of people are behind the development of the game and that he would be happy to talk about it, but he would rather wait until the game is ready to show. He said this in response to the millions of tweets and messages he has been getting from many sources hounding him and his team for information of Bioshock on the Vita. He went on to comment that it is kind of silly that so much energy is going into a game that is still in its early stages of development.

I think this is a better approach. People and gamers these days are more dependent on visual depictions than just spoke ones. If Ken Levine says he wants to impress us with what he and his team has done rather than talk about it, so be it. It just sweetens the anticipation for Bioshock on the Vita.