xbox one without kinect

One of the biggest reasons many gamers have gone for the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One is the price point; no matter how many discounts Microsoft have managed to put on their console, the PS4 has still remained the cheaper console, and this may have helped Sony to push a larger number of units.

However, the extra cost of the Xbox One isn't for nothing - the console comes packed with the Kinect, the motion sensing, speech detecting equipment that tin foil hat wearers claim spies on you whilst you eat your TV dinners.

Whether or not you're a fan of the Kinect really comes down to personal opinion. As far as I'm concerned, it's always felt like a bit of a gimmick and being forced to purchase the Kinect alongside the Xbox One is a move that certainly makes me route for the PlayStation 4.

It looks like Microsoft realized the potential behind an Xbox One bundle without a Kinect though, as Microsoft have recently announced that they will put a kinect-less SKU up for sale. In fact, the new kinect-less Xbox One is already up for pre-orders from various retailers, including Best Buy and Amazon.

Without the Kinect, you'll be saving around $90 which makes for a pretty decent price cut. Currently the Xbox One with Kinect can be picked up for $489.99, whilst the Kinect-less Xbox One SKU can be pre-ordered for $399.99.

Now that there is a Kinect-less Xbox One bundle available, will you be interested in purchasing the Xbox One, or would you still go for the PlayStation 4, which can also be picked up for $399?