watch_dogs early reviews

Ubisoft doesn't want you to learn anything about Watch_Dogs until it's finally released, but that hasn't stopped some early birds from playing through the game and putting up a review online anyway. It seems that some review websites have managed to get their hands on a copy of Watch_Dogs early, and they have played through the game and given it a verdict.

One such website is WCCFtech, and despite being quite a well known online news portal, Ubisoft have warned that any reviews online at this point are 'false' and should be avoided. Whilst they didn't directly mention WCCFtech, it's pretty clear who Ubisoft are talking about here.

WCCFtech gave a fairly positive review towards Ubisoft's new game, and they gave Watch_Dogs a score of 7.5, which to be frank isn't entirely terrible, however despite this, Ubisoft seem to be uncomfortable with the review.

If you're wanting to get an early idea about what Watch_Dogs is like, feel free to read through the reviews online - they certainly aren't false, and they'll give you a good idea of what to expect from Watch_Dogs when it is released on May 27th.

Of course, we won't get a full rounded up verdict on the game until the actual release date, at which point we'll be able to read reviews from multiple different sources that should offer different perspectives on Watch_Dogs.