king of fighters 14

Unlike other recent fighting games, King of Fighters 14 isn't wasting any time with announcing it's character lineup. Well, almost.

SNK Playmore has revealed that King of Fighters 14 will come with 50 characters at launch but the actual character lineup has not yet been revealed. It's likely we will see a large roster including old characters and a small selection of new fighters too. King of Fighters has always been renowned for having a large character roster so this news comes as no surprise.

What is surprising, in a pleasant way, is that SNK Playmore do not plan to split these 50 characters into DLC - all of the 50 initial fighters will be available on day one as part of the base game. Game director Yasuyuki Oda mentioned that there won't be small additions added over time. "All 50 characters will be playable at launch." There will be numerous characters at launch, and we don't plan on adding more bits at a time, so be sure to properly jot that down. It wouldn't be a KoF game with a small number of characters after all."

There is still a chance that SNK Playmore will add more DLC fighters for KoF 14 in the future, but currently they have absolutely no plans in-line for DLC. "DLC will have to wait until we see how the 50 characters do after launch, so it has yet to be decided," Oda mentioned.