titanfall private lobbyDespite the game already being in a fully released state, Respawn Entertainment are still hard at work on Titanfall, and they are adding, and have plans to add many new free features for the title in the future.

This week, a large patch was released for Titanfall that brought a few new features to the game, as well as a whole host of balancing tweaks and fixes. One of the biggest included features in the new patch is the inclusion of a private lobby system.

Previously, players had no methods to set up organized matches between one another, making matchmaking the only form of play. However, with the private lobby system, players will be able to invite friends (or foes) and battle it out against each other however they'd like.

The addition of private lobbies opens up the gates for a whole host of opportunities, including private local play, Machinima, and even possible E-sports tournaments, so it was definitely a good call for Respawn to add them to Titanfall.

So far, they are only in beta stage, so there may be a few issues that still need to be ironed out. As for the rest of the patch, there are many changes that have gone into play to effect some of the Titan's primary weapons, as well as the damage on some of the burn cards. For example, an Amped Kraber burn card now does 800 damage to a Titan instead of just 100 per shot. Points changes for completing game objectives have also been put into the latest patch.