sony zombie game
If the massive recent success of the early alpha game DayZ Standalone is anything to go by, zombie survival games are where all the money is right now in the gaming industry, and it looks like Sony has spotted the great potential.

This week, Sony revealed a brand new IP under the moniker H1Z1 - the game is set to be a post apocalyptic survival sandbox game that has an eerie and ominous game play. Whilst details on the game are still on the low, it's starting to sound like H1Z1 plans to be the DayZ for console, and surprisingly, Sony wants the game to go the path of free to play.

The developers behind it plan to go past the basic ideas of survival though, and the future of H1Z1 could hold a huge world that embodies player trading, economies and player-ran urban desolate cities. It sounds very ambitious, and it could be a very long time before we ever see such a game be released.

The developers working on H1Z1 want to give players the freedom that is given to the characters in the Walking Dead - the ability to drive to a city, or fight for territory in a dark urban environment, or even the chance to team up to build the game's very own Woodbury, or safe haven town.

The game is being quoted as an MMO, and this could mean hundreds, if not thousands of players on a single server.

It all sounds very exciting, but we shouldn't hold our breath just yet - it is a very ambitious project, and it may take a very long time to perfect it.