Last of Us Remake – What we know so Far

Even after Last of Us 2’s commercial and critical success, fans want to see the first part updated or remade for next-gen consoles. While Naughty Dog has not confirmed the game officially so far, there has been a ton of information suggesting that a Last of Us Remake is on the way. Let us discuss everything we know regarding the remake of one of Naughty Dog’s best games, including game leaks, potential release dates, and much more.

Latest Last of Us Remake Leaks

The first leak regarding the Last of Us’ remake was confirmed in a report from Bloomberg. This was written by Jason Schreier, who stated that the lead developer for this game was the Visual Art’s Service Group at Playstation. After some time, the president of Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann claimed that he really wanted to share the content developers were working on. Many believe that the content Neil was talking about could be shown during CES 2022.

Another leaker, who goes by the name of Tom Henderson stated that numerous people close to Naughty Dog studios confirmed that the Last of Us remake is close to completion and could release late in 2022. Since then, VGC backed up these claims, stating that the leaked information matches what numerous other sources have been claiming.

VGC and Henderson have been reliable information sources in the gaming community, which suggests that a remake of Last of Us part one could be around the corner.

Will this Game be on the PS4?

The remake of one of Naughty Dog studio’s best games is expected to release on next-gen consoles only. This is because leakers believe that PS5 has all the technological capacity to take the original version to greater heights. So far, it does not seem like the Last of US remake will be available on the PS4 and other platforms like PC and Xbox.

Could the Remake be tied to the TV Show?

Many people believe that Naughty Dogs is remaking the original version of the Last of Us from scratch to ensure it has a similar look and feels to the T.V show, which will be coming out on HBO soon. While there are no reports to confirm whether that is exactly the case, it does seem plausible. We may even see Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal starting as Ellie and Joel respectively in the PS5 remake.

Needless to say, the rumor mill has been running wild, and Last of Us fans are eagerly awaiting any official confirmation from Naughty Dogs or Playstation studios.  With Sony’s state of play just a few weeks away, we could finally see an official announcement or a trailer, confirming the game’s release.