Trailer Leak for the New Medal of Honor Reveals Release Date

Thanks to a leak by a source on Joystiq, it seems that we have a release date for the sequel to the 2010 Medal of Honor title called Medal of Honor: Warfighter. And from what we are seeing, it could be one of the more sought after titles for the 2012 Holiday Season, especially with its release date near the beginning of the Holiday months (late October - December). From what we can see, it seems that EA's Danger Close studio will be handling all of the game's content as DICE's participation is nowhere to be seen.

So alongside other titles for this Holiday season (like Bioshock Infinite and Halo 4), 2012's Holiday Season will have a vast array of great FPS games for us to play. Add also the next Call of Duty installment (seeing as rumors that it is going to be something along the lines of another Black Ops) and already that season is heating up, despite it being more then half a year away.