Modern Warfare 3 Video Shows the Features of ELITE's 'Complete' Service.

The Call of DutyELITE beta endedearlier this month (October 8th);due to the game's official release date. With November 8th being the launch for ELITE andModern Warfare 3, it is only a matter of time before the general gaming public can enjoy both the game and the ELITE service at their full capability. While the service is offline, Black Ops players can still access ELITE's career page.

Recently, to help players tide over for the wait of this service; Activisionreleased a new trailer that explains one of the main "pillars" of service, the Complete feature. This feature shows you the aspects of where you go to competewithin the community and how to organize and partake in special events for a variety of perks and prizes. So if you're acompetitivegamer or part of a fully organized team, why not take a look and view all the parts of the Complete feature.