Katamari Amore, Finally You Can Roll Up Cows, Houses, and Continents on the iPhone

Sometimes I hate being an Android phone user, and this is one of those times. TheKatamariDamashii serieshas arrived on theiPhone for a second time. WhileI love thatKatamari came out on the iPhone back in 2008, the gamewas brokenat launch and got a very negative reception. However, with thedebutofKatamariAmore, thisiOStitle is receivingcheers and applauseaccording to this review onKotaku.

KatamariAmore is a far more polishedKatamari game than its predecessor. In addition, it has turned outto bea very solid iOSgame with better controls. With dual "stick" controllers (actually fingers sound moreappropriate), it is closer to what weKatamari fans have grown to love. While I found the dual controls better than I thought they would be, I still find the singlestick controls to be the best offered.

The game has a free version, which features one mode and one level. If you want more, you will have to buy a six-level pack for $3.99. While this price may seem steep, this practice is common, especially withAngry Birds and their constant updates.

Whatever the reason may be that you find yourself killing time on your iPhone, why not kill it playing a game that lets you roll up a number of farm animals and household items in a ball that will eventually let youroll up the King of the Cosmos?