Analyst Predicts Good September due to Gears of War 3 and Madden releases

Mentioned here on The Escapist online magazine, Arvind Bhata, an financial analyst with Sterne Agee, stated that while July was probably one the worst months in the video game industry and August not looking too bright as well, September will be a large improvement with the release of big titles like Gears of War and Madden 2012.

Bhatia based these predictions due to no big releases in July/August and also that Electronic Arts had changed its release date of Madden (probably due to the recent overly long clash between the players union and owners). Usually during August when Madden is released, EA earns about a quarter of its yearly game sales at that time. However, due to the pushback, their sales will roll over to the next month, which when combined with the predicted sales of Epic Gears of War, September will be a highly financial gaining month for the video game industry.

While these are predictions, they seem like solid predictions knowing how much attention Madden gets and how much great enthusiasm Gears of War is getting also.