The launch of a new gaming platform is here! It may not be what you are expecting either. So be prepared to be blown away by its new and innovative system! This gaming platform is set to release in September 2011, which is next month! This is by far one of the tiniest gaming platforms I have ever seen. But just because its small doesnt mean it cant pack a punch.

The Sifteo starter pack comes with a set of three Sifteo cubes, a Sifteo charging dock and AC adapter, and USB wireless link. Be aware that you must use these cubes with your computer. However, you must have Windows XP/Vista/7 or Mac OS 10.5+ and an internet connection. The charging dock that you will receive can hold up to six Sifteo cubes. So there is room to make additions to your Sifteo collection. You can buy single cubes separately to help enhance your gaming experience for $45 each.

It offers a variety of fun and engaging styles of game play such as: strategy, arcade, language and puzzle games. I know what youre thinking…. This is just another system we are going to have to pump out $50 for each game. While that is true for many consoles out there, this one beats them all. The games for the Sifteo cubes are priced at $5 or less!

Now with this system each game is played differently. The blocks are used in various ways depending on which game you are playing. For instance on one game they may be laying on their back and you have to tap them together or for another type of game you may have to stand them up or have them all connected. Also you must have the computer handy because the computer plays the sounds of the games. Also you plug the cubes into the computer to get updates or download new games and so forth.

This is sure to be a new and entertaining way to game and who knows what all the possibilities will be with this new creation. This could be the start of a new level of gaming. So be on the look out because the Sifteo cubes will be releasing in September for around $15o for the starter pack, along with additional cubes sold for $45 each. You dont want to miss it!

-Evil Brittany

"Game Hard. Game Evil"