Madden 13 Pre-Order

GameStop has always given sweet deals when pre-ordering any game and as expected they have their very own deal available for Madden NFL 13.

The in-game bonuses available to those who pre-order from GameStop are as follows:

- Unlock legends Barry Sanders and John Madden for both Connected Careers and Madden Ultimate Team

- GameStop PowerUp Rewards members will get exclusive access to Calvin Johnson, Jr., "Megatron" for Madden Ultimate Team

These bonuses will be readily available from the time of purchase. Considering the fact that you get access to these powerhouses, it is no surprise that those who pre-order will have a definite advantage over the rest. GameStop really knows how to pull the strings!

Additionally, to get the people hyped up about Madden NFL 13, GameSpot will be hosting a video series named Madden Mondays starting from July 16th till August 27th. These videos will basically show developers of Madden answering questions from the GameStop community and also some never before seen gameplay footage. Pretty cool!

Maybe the 10 minute gameplay footage linked at the bottom can help you guys make up your mind. Keep an eye on our website for more details on Madden NFL 13. The game launches this August on the 28th.

Madden NFL 13 Gameplay Footage:

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Blog Written by Shahriar Azad