Madden NFL 13 Release Date is August 28th

EA sports announced their upcoming Madden 13 at E3 this year. They claimed it was going to be the biggest game of the series and supposedly had huge improvements made to it over the last. The game is currently set to be released on August 28th of this year.

The biggest improvement is the integration of the new Infinity Engine. Thanks to the new engine the overall physics of the game has received a great overhaul which would make things such as player impacts and the transfer of player momentum the experiences looks like a real game, with no two plays looking or feeling alike. According to what EA Sports claims, Madden 13 is going to give us next-gen gameplay, today.

Madden NFL 13 will also feature a new career mode called Connected Careers. This mode will provide players with a deeper gameplay experience that includes unique story lines and will also support social integration. As expected Madden NFL 13 will host a large number of NFL teams and players; a total of 32 teams and over 1,700 players!

Madden NFL 13 is shaping to be a good installment to the franchise considering the new engine, all new Connected Careers and complete visual and audio overhaul. EA is certain that this is the best installment in history of the franchise, what do you guys think? How much are you looking forward to next Madden?

Keep a look out for a follow-up article where we list out all the key features that are supposedly going to set this game apart from its predecessors. Till then check out the Madden NFL 13 Gameplay Trailer:

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Blog Written by Shahriar Azad