Mafia 3 will be following a similar path that many other video games have taken recently. When it comes to additional content after launch, Mafia 3 will be getting DLC in the form of extra story expansions, but there will also be a number of free updates and additional support after launch.

We don't know everything about the free content that will be coming to Mafia 3 just yet, but we do know that there will be something called 'free recurring content' that will be making it's way to the game. The free content will include features such as new character outfits, weapons packs, vehicle customization options, entries into events and additional rewards.

It's likely that all of this free content will be introduced to the game slowly after Mafia 3 launches. As for the paid DLC, like mentioned before, Mafia 3 will receive a number of story expansions that will hit the game sometime after the launch of the game. All of the story expansions will be available as part of the season pass. The season pass will also come packaged in the deluce and collector's edition versions.

The story content has been explained below.

"Faster, Baby!" will see Lincoln partner up with Roxy Laveau, an old flame, to take care of a corrupt Sheriff who's been making trouble for Civil Rights activists in New Bordeaux.

"Sign of the Times" has a spookier tone, with Father James asking Lincoln to investigate ritualistic killings.

In "Stones Unturned" Lincoln joins CIA agent John Donovan to settle a blood feud that was born in the jungles of Vietnam.