John Takeuchi has taken the win at this year's Street Fighter First Attack event. Whilst John Takeuchi hasn't seen any major international wins before, he has been considered an up and coming talent to keep an eye on and this latest win seemed like the perfect start to a great future for the player.

John Takeuchi has quickly taken the hearts of the community, and in fact, it was through a community fundraiser that helped Takeuchi to get out to the First Attack event in the first place. With thanks to the community, Takeuchi not only made it to the event, but he took the win and came home with the hearts of many.

Takeuchi was breaking all sorts of first-time records, not only was he the first person I've ever seen to get such great support from Street Fighter fans, but he was also the first person to ever get a win with Rashid at such a big event. There's no denying that John Takeuchi's skills as Rashid are something we've never seen before.

It wasn't an easy battle though, on the way Takeuchi had to beat a victory out of both Chris Tatarian and Flash, among many other top players. The infamous GO1 fell out unexpectedly early into the loser's bracket, but he absolutely tore through everybody else, landing him in the grand finals.

The first series saw Takeuchi lose 3-1 to GO1, and at this point, it seemed like nobody could escape from GO1's wrath. Surprisingly, though, Takeuchi managed to recompose himself and get an amazing 3-0 score to land himself the grand final victory.