Nintendo Latest Sports Game with Mario

Recently Nintendo of American gave confirmation of a release date for the upcoming Mario Sports Mix. The newest addition to the Mario sports games series will officially hit stores in the United States on February 7, 2011.

The game, created by Square Enix, will be available for the Nintendo Wii. It will feature games for up to four players in volleyball, hockey, dodgeball, and basketball. It will accommodate up to four players on one Wii, or up to two players can join online. Each game will include the ever-present power ups such as banana peels and green shells, and each character will also have their own special move to aid in gameplay. Different venues in the game will also provide for different experiences.

Apparently, players will be able to utilized famed Nintendo characters such as Mario, Luigi, Wario and friends, or their customized Mii characters. Other Mario friends will join the game, who have yet to be announced, but are rumored to include Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy Characters.

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