Although Call of Duty Ghosts will be released for multiple platforms with many different hardware specifications, Mark Ruben, executive producer at Infinity Ward, has stated that players of the new Call of Duty Ghosts game will get the best graphical experience possible for their system.

This means players with a gaming PC or a next gen console like the PS4 or Xbox One will be able to enjoy the full HD resolution found within the textures Infinity Ward have created for the game, but older and less capable platforms such as the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 will receive down-scaled versions that offer the best graphical quality possible without being too much of a drain on the resources available.

Mark Ruben directly said "What we've done with this generation change, especially for the art pipeline, that being the biggest difference, is we're making our big art assets at cinema quality, not even PC quality, but above next-gen. It's at this really amazing looking cinema quality asset. What we're doing, we use that and we create assets for each platform that are the best for the platform. So now every platform, instead of having a sort of average art asset, they're getting the best asset for that platform."

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