It's easy to get caught up in the events that happen within the Assassins' Creed animus, but the truth of the matter is that within the game world, the Animus is not what is being played out in the real modern world.

In Assassins' Creed IV Black Flag, game director Ashraf Ismail has previously said that within Black Flag, the modern era areas will work as a place where players can meet and interact with each other.

Ashraf Ismail has said “The feeling and the mood of the present day will be a big surprise for people. Imagine when you exit that workstation, you have this building that you can explore and you can find stuff. So we really push it. For us, that part is an homage to our fans."

It seems as if the modern era area will work out to be some kind of online lobby, and judging by the screenshots, the place certainly looks like quite a nice place to hang out.

Do you think the developers of the Assassins' Creed series need to work hard into integrating the animus into the story or do you think the whole idea of the animus should be dropped?