Mass Effect infographic

A newly created infographic has been shown on Mass Effect's twitter, showing off the many decisions Mass Effect 3 players made in the game, and how many ME3 players took each decision.

It's interesting to see that some of the stats shown reflect the choices that players have made in the game, and how different they are to our own choices. It's something that is rarely seen from an RPG game, and really shows the depths that some modern games, especially games with role playing elements, can contain.

Surprisingly, only 64% had Wrex on their side on Mass Effect 3, showing more than a third of players being forced to hate Wrex and his race, and similarly, 64.5% of players were Paragon, and 35.5% were Renegade.

On the evil side of things, 8% of players did not cure the genophage, and a tiny 3.8% of players shot Mordin.

To me it seems Bioware has done an incredible job of creating a universe that is both believable and immersive. Of course decisions in the game seem to be partly dependent on the player's play styles, but a big part that seemed to make players choose one option over the other was not just their own thinking in-game, but in fact because of other character's choices within the game.

Mass Effect 3 was the last game in the trilogy, however Bioware haven't finished with the franchise completely yet. That being said, this infographic kind of signals a farewell to any further development on ME3. There's no doubt that Mass Effect 3 has had its hiccups, but it is still an amazing game.