Two Battlefield Characters

Although we won't hear any solid details on DICE's next big first person shooter till GDC on March 26th, we still can keep our ears and eyes peeled over at the official website, where it seems EA and DICE have released two new pieces of artwork for the game.

Of course we're all eager to see some new footage or screenshots on game environments, weapons or combat after their previous trailers, but the two new art pieces seem to reveal two new elements that will play a close role in the story.

Two new characters are shown, one in each image. One image shows a woman who has also been named Hanna, however the other image shows a man who has not been named.

Whether this man will be the protagonist or another character is currently unknown, but it's definitely interesting to see that DICE is still working hard on the single player gameplay, even though most eyes will be paying attention to the great multiplayer.

Although there isn't any official confirmation on this, it seems as if the male is wearing a US outfit, which almost paves way for the Americans to be seen in Battlefield 4, whilst the woman doesn't seem to be wearing combat-worthy gear, although only her face is visible in the picture. Although it's hard to tell, the woman does seem to resemble an Asian origin, also backing up the previous rumors of the Chinese being involved in the game.

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