The Contest:
Compete against Evil Controllers' Sponsored Player, Tanner Rahl.

Your Objective:
Out Score EC PLUSH on the following track:
Stage 2: New Zealand--Mount Wakefield--Mornin' Tiger

Time Frame:

Round 1: March 23rd to April 20th
Compete and Record your score with any video device and upload it to Youtube. Once it's been uploaded post it on the wall for this event by April 20th. Place your score in the description and name the video, "Evil Controllers SSX Contest Entry." Tag your video with "Evil Controllers SSX Contest." For your score to be eligible, the video must be high enough quality to be able to read your score without any doubts. Scores that are fake will not be considered a serious entry and will not be eligible.

Here's an example of the quality your video should meet or come close to:

Round 2: April 25th to April 27th

The 3 players with the highest scores will become friends with an Evil Controllers' Gamertag to be revealed at a later date. Between the 25th and the 27th, EC Plush and those 3 contestants will become friends of Evil Controllers' hidden gamertag and will have an opportunity to score the highest number of points on a track also to be revealed at a later date.

The Prizes:

1st Place
Evil Controller with:
Evil Imaging of your choice
Evil D-Pad
Evil Thumbsticks
Pro-Series Sensitive ABXY Buttons
Ring of Light LEDs of your choice
ABXY Buttons of your choice

2nd Place:
Evil Controller with:
Evil Sticks
Single Color Shell of your choice
Single Color ABXY Buttons of your Choice
LED of your Choice

3rd Place:
$50 Evil Controllers Gift Card

If one of these top 3 players beats EC Plush they will also win an Xbox 360 or PS3 game of their choice and will be considered for eligibility for their own Sponsorship.

Sponsored Player Info:
Name: Tanner Rahl
Gamertag: EC Plush

Gaming Accomplishments:
Ranked #1 in the world at NHL 2K8.
Ranked #5 in the world at Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
NHL 11 | 472-64-18 |-ranked top 50 in the world
NHL 12 | 336-37-10 | - Top 100
UFC Undisputed 3 | 100-1-0 |
MW3 | 22,000 kills/ 6000
deaths |- 3.45 k/d ratio
CoD: Black Ops | 20,000
kills/ 5900 deaths|- 3.40 k/d ratio
MW2 | 60,000 kills/ 19,000 deaths |- 3.18 k/d ratio

How can you become a sponsored Player?

To start, fill out an application at Create an account at and fill out an application here:

Please allow 3-4 weeks for Evil Controllers to review your application.

Are you ready to hit the slope?

Post your videos on the event wall you can find here: