MW3 Community Announces a Blackout of Activision Shooter

Reported by Attack of the Fanboy and various other sites on the internet, it seems there is some tension amongst the Modern Warfare 3 community of gamers that is directed at Infinity Ward. It seems that fans of the popular Call of Duty game want Infinity Ward to hear their complaints about the game's lack of support for the community's needs and concerns. These complaints range from lag compensation, lack of matchmaking options, broken spawn systems, and a long list of other complaints.

This type of action from a community of gamers isn't that rare as the same happened with the Battlefield 3 community. Fortunately for them, DICE immediately released a patch for Battlefield 3 that fulfilled all their demands, making everyone happy. Hopefully for both the Modern Warfare 3 gamer community and Infinity Ward's case, lets hope a resolution will happen with both sides coming out happy.