Max Payne 3 DLC

Still playing Max Payne 3? Well then you may be happy to hear that Rockstar are going to be releasing a new DLC title to the game by the end of the month. The new Downloadable content has been named Hostage Negotiations and will be available for Max Payne on October 30th.

Hostage Negotiations is a multiplayer DLC pack that will give players new customization options and maps for playing online. They'll be a new avatar faction in game, known as the Filhos De Ogum, and two new weapons; the MS24 sniper rifle and the IA2 assault rifle.

The Filhos De Ogum avatar will be able to equip accessories such as bandages and tattoos, and they'll also be a new customizable heavy helmet for each faction that will reduce all head damage by 75%.

However, in my opinion, the most exciting features are the new four new maps included in the DLC. Club Moderno, Estadio Do Galathians, O Palacia Strip Club and Favela Heights will all be new locations to battle in after purchasing the Hostage Negotiations DLC.

The new content will cost $10 and will be available for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 players.

Rockstar are planning to release more details about the new DLC whilst leading up to the October 30th release date. So if you're interested in what else the pack has to offer, keep checking back here