You would have thought that after all the leaked footage and campaign gameplay of Halo 4 there would have been enough reports to fully reveal Halo 4 in its naked form, but somehow it seems that 343 and Microsoft have managed to keep some secrets behind closed doors.

The picture above shows some kind of Promethean weapon or enemy capable of inflicting a considerate amount of damage to the chief and his companions, and it has a shape that we haven't seen in official previews of the game. The new image was revealed by IGN, and has created a ripple of interest throughout different websites and pages on the internet.

343 and Microsoft have released a fair amount of information on the rather complex species and their ranking positions within the main four Promethean groups; the four different Knights, three Crawler variations, and a Watcher species, but all of these are loosely based on a humanoid shape and the concept in the image is some sort of strange orb or space weapon.

It could just be old concept art or a space shuttle that we see in between fights and in cut scenes, or it may turn out to be a challenging enemy we battle against within various instances in the campaign, or as many have suggested, a Promethean anti-air weapon that will need to be brought down at some point within the game. Either way, we won't be sure till Halo 4's release on Novembers 6th.

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Written By Ollie Green