[halo naded to optic

After pro player Naded's great performance at the Halo World Championship, he has managed to grab himself a deal with none other than OpTiC Gaming. Naded will now join the new OpTiC Halo 5 crew as the third currently announced member of the newly formed lineup.

We now have just one more player to be announced before we have a completely fresh OpTiC Halo lineup that may actually stand a great chance at competing and performing well at a high level again.

Not only is Naded a good choice for building a well-performing Halo team for Halo 5: Guardians and potential future releases, but he also has a lot of great brand value. Naded has been considered to be one of the top Halo streamers out there and he has pulled in quite a lot of viewership, especially compared to other streamers within the Halo community.

If you've been following the OpTiC Halo team then you'll know that the other two currently confirmed members for the team are Flamesword and Maniac. Flamesword has been one of the best bearded players for the Halo scene since the old school days and Maniac has had a lot of experience under his belt too.

Hopefully we'll be hearing more about the new OpTiC Halo team soon. At this rate, we may find out about the fourth and final player sooner than we previously thought. What pro Halo player would you like to see as an addition to the GreenWall?