Metal Gear Rising Free DLC

We all know the devs behind the Metal Gear games have always had a strong relationship with Sony and PlayStation, and it's only been till recently that they've given up their exclusivity and offered the game on platforms other than the PlayStation.


However, a new move by Konami has shown that their bond with the PlayStation platform is strong, which sees Sony offering DLC for free for a limited period of time.


The recently released VR Missions pack adds 30 missions to the game, and although it had a pretty low price before in terms of downloadable content, it is now accessible for free from the PlayStation network till April 2nd.



The VR Missions pack is still only available as a purchase on Xbox Live, and will cost Xbox players 240 Microsoft Points.


It's still cheap, but it makes you wonder what is going on behind the scenes with Sony and Konami.


Two other DLC packs will also be added this April, with information straight from Konami telling us that one DLC pack will focus on Sam, whilst the other will focus on the Blade Wolf character.


"The first DLC pack, Jetstream, will be a side story featuring Sam as a playable character. The second pack, Blade Wolf, will allow players to control the enigmatic Blade Wolf and will showcase his side story. Both DLC packs will feature multiple hours of gameplay including unique abilities and characteristics for each character, while also expanding on each of their storylines and origins."


Do you think console exclusives should still be released? Or do you think developers should work on bringing their games to as many platforms as possible?

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