Metal Gear 5 Will Be More open-world

According to Kojimi, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes will be revealed at GDC, giving us all more information on the game.

Although GDC is now less than two weeks away, those impatient can still find out a bit of information on the new Metal Gear Solid from an interview with Kojima from PlayStation.


The first thing that really interested me was that Kojima hopes for Ground Zeroes to be an immersive open world experience, and in fact, all his previous games he had hoped to create an open world environment, but due to the limit in hardware capabilities in the PlayStation 1, he has stuck to a leveled environment instead.


It looks like Ground Zeroes may be different though, and Kojima has in his interview, "As far as stealth is concerned, you don't normally just start in a building. If you look at spy and action movies, how the hero gets to that point is a very important part of the story and part of the action. Do they get there by plane or by some sort of disguise? There are many ways you can approach that element of infiltration."


"My ultimate goal is to give players even more freedom," he explains, "not only to figure out how they're going to get there but really have everything factor into it. So, do you want to get there by helicopter, or do you want to get there by plane, are you going to ride in a vehicle, or are you going to take a bike? Basically have all of these options available to the player."


By opening multiple possible routes of action into the missions in Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, you're immediately giving the player more freedom, which for me will make or break a stealth game.


I'm really excited to see how 'open-world' the new Metal Gear Solid will be, but either way, I know it's going to be a great game.


Currently, release details are not known, so it'll be interesting to see which consoles the game releases on.


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