Big news for Metal Gear Solid fans! At this year's PAX expo Hideo Kojima himself came to show an almost 15 minute long gameplay video of him new creation, MGS Ground Zeroes. This was the first ever reveal of his new project. What's better is the fact that this new iteration is being made using the new engine Hideo Kojima has been working on for the last few years, the FOX engine.

The demo was meant to to show off the capability of the FOX engine and from what was shown, the game looks great. Mind you that it is still a work in progress. There is every indication that the game is going to be HUGE. Hell, even Naked Snake (a.k.a. Big Boss) is making a comeback!

Amongst the biggest changes is the fact that this game is going to be an OPEN WORLD game, a first for the series. During the demo other cool features were highlighted. Snake is now able to commandeer any vehicle within his reach. You can even call a helicopter at ANY time during the missions that you are currently in.

What is the point of the helicopter? Well, it is sort of our "portal". It will take us to any destination we want and using it we can switch between missions. Since the game is an open world game, missions would be spread all across the world (in different countries), so having a chopper is a must. Also, as Kojima pointed out, the chopper comes with its very own theme song and players have the full freedom of choosing what song will play when the chopper approaches. A very simple and truly satisfying touch.

During the last bit of the gameplay when the chopper lifts Snake away, we get to see a large part of the world below. Kojima pointed out at that moment that players have the freedom of accessing ALL those locations! It's like Skyrim but with Big Boss!

As you can see, this is a treat for MGS fans and new comers alike. Even though they could only reveal a fraction of the new features, what we have seen is revolutionary for the franchise. To add to this all, Hideo Kojima himself will be personally supervising the whole project.

With all this in mind, it is important to know that MGS Ground Zeroes is NOT MGS 5 but a prologue to it. MGS 5 has already been confirmed by Hideo Kojima back in June and is being designed such that it takes full advantage of the power of the FOX engine on release.

In my opinion MGS 5 won't be out anytime soon mainly due to the release of MGS Ground Zeroes. Maybe it is being developed for the next generation console? With regard to the FOX engine Kojima added that the reason for making a new engine was that they wanted to have an engine they could really tweak and optimize. He continued to add that the demo was rendered on a PC and the final game would look like the demo.

So there you have it guys, an open world MGS game. Who would have thought it? Now however it seems like such an obvious idea right? Like, "why didn't they do this before?" Well, at least they made it now. I can't wait to see what they reveal next. I still haven't been able to grasp the whole "open world" concept and I guess I need to see it in action to fully understand. As soon as anything else comes up you can count on us to fill you in so, be sure to keep an eye on our site!

How would you design your custom controller to match the Metal Gear Solid theme?

Blog by Shahriar Azad