After Gamers have shouted their concerns on the growing problem that is game DLC, the fact of the matter is that the problem has not been resolved, and in fact, it's slowly getting worse and worse.

Metro Last Light has finally made its way to release, despite problems with publishers in its early stages of development, but there is a concern about how the game has been released. The Ranger Mode, the way Last Light's developers recommend you to play the game, doesn't actually come boxed with the game at all. In fact, to get the recommended game mode, you will have to pay.

The developers for Metro Last Light have stated on Twitter that the reason behind this is that thanks to Microsoft's Policies they cannot release the DLC for free, and have had to go with the cheapest possible cost for the Ranger Mode. However, this will still cost players $5 worth of Microsoft Points, and what's really disappointing is that to 'be fair' with all gamers in general, the DLC now will also cost $5 on the PSN store.

Microsoft's policies have forced Metro Last Light to be stripped of the recommended play style for those that don't want to spend extra on the game, however this didn't have to happen on the PSN as well, but it did.

Perhaps the gaming industry would have been in just as much shock if the DLC was offered on PlayStation for free, and instead of complaining about stingy publishers, they'd complain about dodgy partnerships and developer's favoritism over console platforms.

Either way, there's no pleasing anybody, and perhaps the developers have done the best thing they can do in their position.