metal gear solid vIn Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Troy Baker voice acts for Ocelot, one of the games characters. Whilst Baker may not be the biggest game nerd in the world, he’s certainly played his fair share of games, and he’s got a lot to say about Metal Gear Solid V.

In an interview, Troy Baker revealed details about the size of Metal Gear Solid, suggesting that players will be really surprised at how different the game will be to previous titles in the franchise. "I'm anxious to see how people will look at this new Metal Gear, because it's really different. It fits perfectly within the rest of the franchise, and in same ways I think It's going to be really good, but I'm really curious to see what people think."

Troy Baker then went on to mention that it may even be the "biggest game" he has ever seen. "Just in terms of everything that you can do. Skyrim looks like an afternoon playpen next to it. It's massive. It's absolutely massive in what you can do."

We all know Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was planned to be pretty big, but will it really trump Skyrim in size and content? If that is the case, we really have got a treat in store for us when the game releases.

I'm personally very excited to give Kojima's new project a try. It's clear that he and everyone that has worked on MGSV so far has poured in a huge amount of heart and passion into the game, something that many AAA games feel lacking of these days.