It's been recent news that FIFA 14 will only be bundled with pre-ordered Xbox One day one edition consoles. The Day one edition consoles have already sold out, meaning any more pre-orders will not include FIFA 14, despite Microsoft previously announcing 'every' pre-ordered Xbox One console will receive a free game.

This leads us to think that there isn't really a FIFA 14 for everyone and although the big M settled a deal with EA, it seems that there was only a limited amount of free FIFA 14 day one bundles available.

Because Microsoft were unclear about this at the time of announcing the deal they have offered a compromise to those who didn't get the chance to pre-order the day one edition console due to 'unprecedented demand.'

Microsoft has decided to offer a free copy of Forza 5 to those who pre-order the console now that the FIFA 14 free copies have run dry.

This scheme seems very confusing, and what's stranger is that the FIFA 14 deal is only available to those in Europe and there isn't an American offer similar to this. The new Forza 5 deal is also only available for the UK.