Microsoft 100 off ps3

Microsoft is pretty well known for slandering it's competition, and recently they've really tried hard to make their competitors look like insignificant wastes of time, despite being a fair way behind their competitors in the industries they are working in.

In the gaming industry, I have a feeling we can expect a lot of PlayStation slandering campaigns to go ahead over the next few years, but that's okay, because Sony usually has a witty thing or two to say back.

The most recent of these campaigns offers those who want an Xbox One a path easier on their wallets. To be precise, Microsoft has offered to take your PlayStation 3 off of your hands, in return for a $100 discount card on a brand spanking new Xbox One.

Microsoft may have admitted that the Xbox One is priced higher than the PS4, and this looks like their first measure to try and make their price a little closer to the cheaper PlayStation.

The trouble is, despite this being a nice way to get a new Xbox One, it really isn't that much of a great deal. By giving your PlayStation 3 to Microsoft, you'll be making $100, whilst they could then go and sell that off to a refurbished electronics retailer for more than $100.

If you really want an Xbox One, you'll be better off selling your PS3 privately on a website like eBay, instead of handing it into Microsoft.

PlayStation 4 fans have taken to the internet to poke fun at the campaign. One fan has changed up the original sign that said "ditch your PS3 and get $100 store credit towards Xbox One" and replaced it with the writing "Keep your PS3 and save $100 by ignoring Microsoft and buying a PS4."