gears of war xbox one

Whispers and rumors have suggested that there may be a Gears of War title in the works for the Xbox One, but previously it didn't really make sense for such a thing to come about. EPIC Games seemed to be pretty much finished with the series after the last title, Gears of War Judgment, which, unfortunately was a little bit of a let down for most Gears' fans.

If you're dreaming for a new Gears of War game on the next Xbox, your dreams may actually come true. It has been revealed that Microsoft has paid Epic Games for the rights of the Gears of War franchise. Not just the rights, but every damn last right. This means that although there may not be another Gears of War game by Epic Games themselves, Microsoft now own the title, and have the power to make a new game whenever they want to.

It's very likely at this point that Microsoft do plan to make a new Gears of War title, it would be strange for them to buy the rights off of Epic Games and just let them sit there.

I unfortunately cannot speak on whether the new Gears of War game will be any good, as no details on such a thing have yet been released. We already know that the same old stuff isn't going to cut it, and somebody is going to have to give it a major think before creating the next GoW for it to be any good.

I'd personally love to see a brand new Gears of War title on the Xbox One, and hopefully this new news suggests that such a thing will come into existence, when, and by who, is yet to be seen.