elder scrolls online subscription

The Elder Scrolls Online is looking to be quite an interesting title. Despite having the typical game infrastructure as an MMO, a lot of the gameplay mechanics look very similar to the Elder Scrolls games we have all come to love, and I expect that a lot of players will be interested in delving into the Elder Scrolls Online upon it’s launch.

The only problem is that the game unfortunately comes with a subscription fee - this means that to continuously play the game, you will need to pay per month, and this is already after the original cost of the game.

This is a payment route that the traditional MMO would usually choose, however recent changes in the industry suggest that most new subscription based MMOs usually fall and become pushed to F2P by the end of their first year. World of Warcraft is now the only MMO that is still successful and is still using the same subscription based payment model.

The subscription price for The Elder Scrolls Online is $14.99 per month, and the games costs $60, but comes with a free month of subscription, capping up the total of the first year's worth of play to $224.88. Subsequent years would cost $179.88.

For Xbox players, you'll also have to throw in the Xbox Gold monthly costs. Fortunately, PlayStation 4 players will not have to pay a PS Plus subscription to play ESO, making it the console of choice for those wanting to play the title. Personally, I think ESO is looking to be a bit pricy, and the fact that it includes a fixed price for a copy of the game, a monthly subscription, and microtransactions makes me and many others not want to play it at all.