Minecraft managed to land a huge amount of sales on the Xbox platform, but since then, talk of moving the popular game to PlayStation has been pretty quiet. However, Sony has very recently sent Notch, the main developer of Minecraft, a golden PSOne as 'special VIP pass' to E3. On top of this, Notch also got sent a copy of Dungeon Master 2 to play on the console.

Could this mean anything past the fact that Sony want Notch to come and view them reveal more information about the PlayStation 4? - Probably very likely. But what could the reason be for Notch's VIP pass? The first thing that comes to mind is that Minecraft will be revealed for the PlayStation, but whether that's for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 is currently unknown.

It would make sense that Minecraft was put out for both platforms as it would allow players to play Minecraft whether they are on the new console or the old one.

Another possibility is that Notch may be teaming up with Sony to bring out a new game by Mojang studios.

Would you prefer to play Minecraft on the PlayStation or have a completely brand new game by Notch and Mojang instead?