mortal kombat x pro league season 3

Season 3 for the Mortal Kombat X Pro League has now been announced and it will feature 16 players from across the world. This time round, players from Latin America will get their first chance to qualify for the top 16 spots, whilst other regions will include CIS, Europe and North America.

In the previous two seasons, SonicFox managed to take the trophies but this time there is even more on the line and more chances for up and coming talent to get in on the action. After the qualifiers, the 16 man tournament will be held in Burbank, California and players will be fighting for a $200,000 first place prize, twice that of the previous season. Altogether, $500,000 has been put on the line in season 3 and the other $300,000 will be awarded to runner up players.

Absolutely anybody can sign up for the Challenger Cup and by doing so they'll be able to get the chance to fight their way into the qualifiers. ESL has also confirmed that a later season will be coming for Mortal Kombat X and it should also have a similar $500,000 prize pool with a $200k top prize.

It's great to see that the competitive scene for Mortal Kombat X is growing so massively - we'd love to see more fighting games follow suit in the near future. Are you interested in the Mortal Kombat X pro scene? Now that $200,000 is on the line, are you even more interested than before?