uk egames olympics

Could you imagine eSports being played alongside the Olympics? It seems like a far-fetched idea that couldn't possibly ever make it's way into reality, but recently the British government backed an international committee that has been designed to bring eGames to the world, an event that will be treated similarly to the olympics.

The first eGames event will be held this year in Rio De Janeiro alongside the 2016 Summer Olympics. Following on from that, future Olympics events will have coinciding eGames events too.

Like the Olympics, there will be no cash prizes given out for players - instead, bronze, silver and gold medals will be awarded. The first event will have players from Brazil, Britain, Canada and the U.S.A but future events are planned to host more countries.

So far, besides the medals there are no other incentives to attend the eGames events, so it's going to be hard to get a busy team like OpTic From COD/Halo or Fnatic from Counter Strike/League of Legends to pay the eGames a visit, especially when there are so many leagues already that are offering gigantic prize pools.

Do you think top tier pro teams would be interested in paying a visit to the Olympic eGames events and more importantly, do you think that these kinds of events could even kick off? Hopefully we'll found out later this summer just how well an event like this could work. We're wondering what players could show up for Britain, Brazil, Canada and the US.