Recently Revealed Easter Egg Shows that Modern Warfare 3 Has an Angry Bear Wearing a Tutu

It seems that the people at Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games really know how to make a questionable Easter Egg, especially one that's a bit creepy. They decided to put an angry bear in a Tutu in one of the multiplayer maps of Modern Warfare 3 (as seen on this youtube video).

So here's how you get to see this odd spectacle of an Easter Egg. On the map Mission, once you spawn, switch to spectator mode. Make sure that you have your camera on freecam mode, so you can move freely throughout the map. Once you are free to move, head towards the church near the bridge, then head to a nearby cracked open building. Fly into the building's crack and you'll see it.

Yep. That's a bear wearing a tutu. There is no explanation for it, only there because it's there.