EA Brings Out a Remake of Hard Hitting NFL Blitz

So if you haven't heard the news, EA sports decided to remake another popular sports series (and personally one of my favorites), NFL Blitz. Yes sir, the sports arcade title that was responsible for my love of football and hard-hitting tackles is back and remade into a high-definition arcade downloadable game.

While there are a few new modes to the game like online Blitz Battles and an Elite league where you can create dream teams via collecting cards, the main mode everyone is looking forward to is Blitz Gauntlet, where you battle against every NFL squad. From the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Chicago Bears (yay!) to the Denver Broncos, you will have to go against every single team out there in over-the-top 7-on-7 football match-ups, each complimented with intense bone-crushing hits and crazy celebrations.

So if you got $14.99 to spare, head onto XBox Live Arcade or Playstation Network and get it now.