Modern Warfare 3 promotional news sends chilling forecast of game's setting.

There is some creative yet chilling marketing by Activision on promoting Modern Warfare 3(can be seen here). When you preorder the game at Gamestop you receive a two sided poster where one side is the game's logo and the other is a mock up TIME magazine front cover depicting New York at the time of Modern Warfare 3.

The cover shows that of a ravaged Wall Street, heavily damaged by the invading ultra-nationalist Russian force. With the smoking rises in the back and the New York Stock Exchange and its iconic flag left damaged but still standing.

The text of the cover talks about recent events in the MW3 world such as the search for both Soap and Price (claimed as Interpol's top two most wanted), the tension in Europe as aggression continues, and other news bits showing a world in crisis caused by the events in Modern Warfare 2.

Thinking about this, it sends some kind of nervousness through my spine seeing New York like this, even if it is a video game. New York being damaged like that seems like it could possibly give a lot of New York-based gamers some uneasiness since we are coming close to the 10-year mark of September 11th. But this is war, even if it is fictional, and war is never pretty or easy todigest.