Due to be released June 9th, the highly anticipated sequel to Sucker Punch Productions Infamous is going to be a monster of a game. I mean the original was literally GTA but with electricity as your weapon, tons of helpless civilians to be slaughtered, and endless buildings to jump off of. An open world video game that combines elements of RPGs, shooting games, puzzles, and platforming; Infamous 2 is going to be jam packed with exciting things to do.

While it is a single player game, Infamous 2 is still a game where you can pass the controller around to your friends and admire the magnificence of the games beauty. In all honesty, I havent played many single player games that have made me absolutely hooked like the last game had since perhaps Knights of the Old Republic. Amazing graphics, brutal melee attacks, an arsenal of powers, and endless possibilities truly separate this game. It is still possible for you to die, even though Cole McGrath is truly all-powerful; even Thor would bow down in respect. If you really dont want any chance of dying, just go pick up a copy of Prototype, and dont complain when you get killed by Ice Monsters. A great single player game knows how to blend an appropriate level of difficulty with amazing plotline. The first Infamous was challenging, but an overall blast.

One of the most admirable qualities about Infamous is the element of making moral decisions that influence the alignment of your characters powers and story pathway. For example, if you love to throw cars into people and take every evil opportunity you can in games, your character is going to turn out completely different then if you wear a halo over your head from start to finish. Of course, I am not advocating being Evil, or am I? Either way, the people at Sucker Punch Productions promise two completely satisfying and different endings depending on the path you take, which means this game might be so good that its worth playing through twice. Pre order your copy of Infamous 2 and get ready for some wicked fun.

- Evil Nick