Modern Warfare Season 1 Pass Launches

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Season 1 pass has gone live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC consoles, letting players get in on expanded game modes, special ops missions, and more.

The season launched alongside an update that added four new maps, which are open to all players. Ground War gets a new map called Port, while Gunfight mode gets Atrium and Cargo maps. An old map from the OG Modern Warfare is also being introduced, with Crash. Two other maps are going to be made live during the season, with Shipment and Vacant coming online at some point.

Those who buy into the season pass will get a new Reinforce mode that sees players getting a single life. Your goal is to survive and capture one of three flags. Doing so will grant respawns to players on your team. Two other game modes are coming, but they’re not available as of the launch of the pass.

The five new special ops missions include Operation Strongbox, Operation Just Reward, Pitch Black, Bomb Squad, and Grounded. The latter three missions are incarnations of older missions.

As always, players will get access to some nice weapons, with the RAM-7 rifle, Holger-26 and others as well.

Modern Warfare launched to much fanfare, and has proven to be extremely popular across all platforms. The game’s multiplayer modes are its bread and butter, and we’ve been having an absolute blast working our way up the leaderboards.

With all of these modes, we can’t wait to see just what we’re going to get with the other seasons.