Rocket League Gives Up Loot Boxes

Loot boxes have proven to be controversial over the past few years, as parents and government bodies alike have placed them under scrutiny for allegedly pushing gambling urges. This has caused Rocket League developer Psyonix to give up the loot box system in lieu of a new item shop, with the caveat that the skins are pretty expensive.

The change took place as the game’s season 12 update launched. Instead of purchasing the boxes, players instead have the pick of what they actually want to buy with credits earned in the game. Psyonix had converted existing player loot crates in inventories to blueprints, which can be converted into the items themselves.

While it sounds a bit convoluted, it’s really pretty simple. Players get their blueprints where they can see what’s inside. If they decide that the item is something they want, they can use the credits to go ahead and purchase that item.

The business model of allowing for individual item purchases follows that of Epic Games, whose Fortnite series has taken the world by storm. You may remember that Epic bought Psyonix earlier this year, and they’re no doubt trying to find the best way to capitalize on their investment.

Rocket League has been a smash hit since it launched in 2015, taking the gaming world by surprise. The game plays like soccer, but with cars instead of players, and a really big ball that seems to defy physics. The title can be played on PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.