The Website Finally Goes to Actual Content of Activision Title

So a while ago, Kotaku reported of a Modern Warfare-related website redirecting you to the official Battlefield 3 site, which ruffled a couple of feathers over at Activision. Well, after some time now, now appropriately connects itself to actual Call of Duty content. Just in time, especially when there is about a month before the game's release and only a bit of time before Battlefield 3 hits the stores.

Hopefully, Activision can learn a lesson from all this. What's the lesson? Register all the domains related to your game before you announce it. It seems like they already have learned thatas you can see here.

But, I think Activision isn't the only one learning a lesson here, cybersquatters (people who buy popular site names so they can sell it to companies for a premium) are learning a lesson as well. They're learning the lesson of the "don't think you can always sell a domain for some quick and sneaky cash when likely you can have itseized from you" reality lesson.

For a more detailed history of this entire fiasco, Anthony Abraham found out that was not claimed by Activision. And probably after seeing BF3's content in comparison to MW3's, he decided to to have redirect itself to Battlefield 3's official site. It got a lot of attention, and people thought it was EA's method of marketing. Activision wasn't happy with the caused and sent their lawyers after Anthony, which in result, they took the domain in early September.

So I guess in the end, everyone learned their lesson about marketing on the internet, cybersquatting, and the consequences of using sneaky methods to earning a quick buck. Let us just hope, that a disaster like this won't happen again.