ESRB Outs a Small Controversial Detail about Battlefield 3, EA Responds Immediately to Defend Itself

Likely, all fans of Evil Controllers have played Modern Warfare 2 and remember it's controversial "No Russian" mission where you had to pose as one of Makarov's newly recruited goons to take out an entire Russian airport. That mission got a lot of attention and those who were sensitive to the mission had the option to skip it or not fire their gun at all. No one in the FPS world would ever thought of overdoing that controversial yet story-driving mission. Until just recently that is.

When the ESRB gave Battlefield 3 its rating of Mature, it leaked out a bit of crucial plot information. I will leave this blog entry mostly spoiler free but it involves making a harsh decision in order to complete a crucial mission objective where the lives of the few is outweighed by the lives of the many. If you wish to find out the full details, you can find it here on a report fromEurogamer.

EA responded early to their rating and the spoiler leak and its contents.

"I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation [in the game]. For God's sake...[spoiler]! Millions of lives are at stake!"

I guess it's good for EA to nip it in the bud and not let anyone else gain more ground to this controversy unlike how Activision handled its "No Russian" situation.