The Last Guardian

Well if you all have been waiting for the release of The Last Guardian from Fumito Ueda for as long as I have, you may be in for yet another disappointment. The Last Guardian has been set to release for the past couple years now and it keeps getting pushed back. The biggest disappointment was when it was set to release back in November of 2010, right around my birthday. So I didnt get to go buy myself an awesome birthday present unfortunately.

Nevertheless, my birthday is not the point. The point is that a game being pushed multiple times over the course of a few years cant be good for a companys image. After it being pushed back in late 2010, it was said to release in the holiday season of 2011. Now it is being pushed back yet again to 2012. So to be set back yet again is only going to lose more fans and with that loses more profit, which is something no company wants. Of course I dont want a half done job released to the public. It is just the fact that their fans dont know exactly what the problem is, and just continuously pushing back this game without letting their fans know what is up is not very professional. It feels like we are all left alone just sitting in the dark waiting for someone to turn on the lights.

However, I know this company and Fumito Uedas potential. So I am sure that the game will exceed all my expectations, especially with some of his previous releases including Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Both of which were incredible, and The Last Guardian has been rumored to share some of the same gameplay elements with its predecessors. Nothing has been set in stone and we are not sure if the game will be directly linked to either. Everything is still up in the air.

What we do know is that the game involves a mystery boy who has no name as of now and a mystery creature that looks somewhat like a griffin whose name is Trico, team together to do something. "Trico" seems to be initially chained and is later set free. It also seems to have arrows shot into its' back. We have no idea how they got there or why it is chained, but I am sure they will make it clear once the game is released. The boy and Trico are shown trying to escape from the ruins of a castle or some ancient looking place together. However, as of now all I know for sure other than that is that it is only going to be released on the PS3, and that it looks EPIC.

Like I said before, nothing is set in stone. So what I can say is that we shall all just wait and see and can only hope for the best. So my message to all you fans is just wait it out and support Team Ico and their efforts to give us flawless content that is sure to be one of the most epic games of its time.

-Evil Brittany

"Game Hard. Game Evil."