street fighter v dlc

Even though Capcom hasn't announced the first DLC characters in 2016 yet, they have already confirmed that there will be more DLC characters released after the first wave.

In a recent interview, Capcom's brand director Matt Dahlgren mentioned that Street Fighter V will have a second wave of new characters. Capcom seems to have a strong long-term plan for SFV that could involve a lot of DLC content. This DLC plan could include a new Street Fighter V character every two months after launch if everything goes smoothly.

Dahlgren stated that "We don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves." Dahlgren continued by stating that they think they're" going to watch how things progress."

"We do have very ambitious plans for Street Fighter 5 and a very long term strategy. We'd like to continue as long as we can, but we'll have to see how the product does," Dahlgren continued.

On top of the paid extra content, Capcom will also be giving Street Fighter V a lot of free support. This support will come in the form of free content patches, constant balancing and gameplay tweaks where necessary and further long-term online support.

In the past Capcom has released many new titles instead of focusing on one game as a single platform but this time round Capcom seem to be dedicated to turning Street Fighter V into their main focus for the franchise.

Street Fighter V will be released on February 16, 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4.