Star Wars Battlefront Invincibility

Right now an increasing number of reports from players are coming in that suggests there is a glitch in Star Wars Battlefront that grants players invincibility. So far there doesn't seem to be any clear, reproducible steps to use the invincibility glitch, but it seems to involve a method used to commit suicide in a match.

One possible method to perform this glitch requires a player to spawn a vehicle under another vehicle - this will push the newly spawned vehicle under the ground. In most cases it seems like players are instantly killed when trying to reproduce the glitch but at times players manage to trick the game into thinking they are dead but they are still alive.

In this case, players are able to attack enemies but they can't take damage, essentially making them invincible till the end of the match. DICE has not yet released a statement about the cheat but we doubt they will ban players for using it considering that it is a glitch.

The glitch has been in the game since the launch so hopefully DICE can fix it soon. If you feel like using the glitch yourself, there are plenty of tutorials online, although none of them report an easy-to-reproduce method. It seems like no matter what method you try, you'll have to give it multiple tries before it finally works.

Would you ever consider using a glitch like this online against other players?